What is GekiHEN Contest?

Il s'agit du premier concours de homebrews pour (le) HENkaku. Tout le monde peut envoyer son ou ses homebrew(s) pour participer, c'est simple comme bonjour. Mais n'oubliez pas avant toute chose de lire attentivement les règles !

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pfba pfba

PFBA: Portable Final Burn Alpha ========================== The main goals of this final burn alpha port are/were : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - have a ...

StarKiller2D StarKiller2D

This is a basic & minimalistic 2D puzzle game using vita2Dlib by xerpi and my contribution to this contest! The game isn't meant to look pretty with a lot of fancy graphics but further stay in a somewhat ...

Starfield-Vita Starfield Vita

A small endless game where you must dodge the stars. This is a port (or rather, a rewrite, written at the same time the PC version was being written) of a small game made for Programming classes at my university. I've ...