Autor Joel16
Datum der Veröffentlichung 19/03/2017 - 17:08:01
Genre Tool

VITAforecast is a weather application that determines the current weather in your area (provided a zip code, and country code. -> example 07009, us). This application makes use of a free weather service API offered from, and parses the data to extract relevant details.

Current features include:
- Current temperature (Including minimum and max on current day), in both degrees C/F.
- Short description on current atmospheric condition.
- Humidity
- Cloudiness
- Wind speed in both km/h or mph.
- Atmospheric pressure.
- 5 day forecast (Future update - considering how well this goes)

Please enter your zip code correctly and use common letters only. For example (Use without quotations): Format: "zipcode,id"

"wv1,gb" = Wolverhampton, UK
"07001,us" = Avenel, US
"169-0072,jp" = Tōkyō-to, JP
"75008,fr" = Palais-Royal, FR

Square: Re-enter zip code and ID.
Start: Exit app.
Triangle: Refresh data (although it already does this in the background).

The biggest font appears rather smooth-en-ed out. This is a problem with the graphics library, and something that I cannot control. However, this is just the initial release, so expect the overall quality of the program to improve in the coming updates.