NOTEPAD++ (VE) 0.31

Author Arkanite
Date of publication 18/03/2017 - 18:54:18
Date of last revision 21/03/2017 - 12:07:42
Genre Utility

Notepad++ (VE) is a portable notepad and source code editor for the Playstation Vita.
This project initially started as a simple text editor and has grown to support such features as:
- Line numbering.
- Multi language syntax highlighting.
- On-screen Developer keyboard.
- Tab indexing.
- Full touch support.
- Multi file handling.
- Bookmarking.
- File manager.
- Auto-view positioning.
.. and more.

Notepad++ (VE) can also be set as a standard notepad editor and has a range of configurations to personalize as you like.

You can keep track of development and the features road map over at the Git repository.

MAIN CONTROLS: -------------------------------------------------------------------
SELECT - Open/Close Menu.
CROSS - Show/Hide Keyboard.
SQUARE - (In Editor) Backspace.
CIRCLE - (In Menu) Back navigate.
L.TRIGGER - Previous file.
R.TRIGGER - Next file.
D-PAD - (In Editor) Line navigation.
FRONT TOUCH - Full interaction, incl auto-keyboard calling and document scrolling.

Release Notes:
ver 0.31
- Change of application name.
New name: Notepad++ (VE)